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Hunting Tours

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The Himalayan Ibex: Ibex is found all over the Northern Areas of Pakistan in small scattered groups at the Altitude between 7,000’ – 15,000’ average of this specie 36”- 40” horn length. The hunting areas are 9.000’ - 12.000’. Himalayan Ibex can be hunt in the mountains of Ghulmit, Khyber, KVO, Kurumbar, Hushay & Basho in the districts of Gilgit, Hunza & Skardu.The hunting of ibex is allowed only in the areas where community based trophy hunting projects have been based. There are several good community managed areas where good trophies can be hunted.

Hunting Areas Season of Hunting Duration of Hunting Shooting distance Altitude of
October 15 - April 20
4 Day hunt
100 - 350 yds
Between 7,000 - 15,000
• Ghulmit
Best time to hunt is mid December Through mid Jan.
• Hushay
• Basho
• Khurumber

The Karakorum Blue Sheep can be hunt in the mountains of Shimshal and KVO valley from October through November and March at the Altitude between 7,000’ – 15,000’ this specie is one of the largest Blue Sheep which has horns up to 34”.
Hunting Areas Season of Hunting Duration of Hunting Shooting distance Altitude of
Mountains of KVCO & Shimshal valley
October 15 through April 30
5 Day hunt
100 - 350 yds
Between 7,000 - 15,000
The habitat of these animals is in the Gilgit, Skardu and Astor regions of Northern Pakistan in the valleys which branch off from the River Indus. In comparison with the Kashmir, their horns curves are wider. Like the Kashmir, the Astor is in the flare horned Markhor category. It is possible to hunt the Himalayan Ibex and the Markhor in combination.
Hunting Areas Season of Hunting Duration of Hunting Shooting distance Altitude of
October 1 through April 30 Best mid Dec-mid Jan
5 Day hunt
100 - 350 yds
Between 7,000 - 15,000
• SKB,Tangir & Suikanderabad
• Bunji,Donya & SMT
• Jutial, Sakwar & Burmus

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Hunting Tours

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Pakistan is a large country, Its total area is 483,874 miles, The Northern Areas of Pakistan Situated at the meeting point of the three greatest mountain ranges in the world (The Himalayas, the Hindu Kush and the Karakorum) this region covers an area greater than the Austria and Switzerland together. In the Northern Areas of Pakistan has some of the rarest sheep and goat species such as the Blue Sheep, Astor Markhor and the Himalayan Ibex.

hunting tours

Hunting will be permissible only in the designated Community Controlled Hunting Areas (CCHA) or Game Reserves from October 15th to April 30th as per the days specified in the given hunting permits. Permits for all species and locations will be granted on first come first serve basis. All hunting permits are sold out to the Pakistani outfitters in open auctions & permits are given to the highest bidders except in Baluchistan, where all prices are fixed. We can guarantee prices only after we have secured the permits.

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"Thanks to everyone to make this climb come true! Mat Auer, Hens Auer, Fabienne Götzenberger, Family Auer, Family Anthamatten, Rashid Ullah Baig, Khalid Amir Rana, Muhammad Iqbal from Shipton Treks & Tours, Nottaris Romolo, Lorenzo Gottardi, Charly Gabl, Newrock Family, Black Diamond Team, Mountain Hardwear Team, Scarpa Team, Julbo, Atomblock and many many more!!! Climb on!!!”


“We recommend the best Partner for Trekking and Expedition in the Karakorum the Agency Shipton Treks and Expedition.S.T& Expedition is a self-help project under the auspices of the charitable, non-government, non-profit-making organization. "Himalaya-Karakorum-Hilfe e.V.". It was founded in order to let the inhabitants of Baltistan - also known as "Little Tibet", Situated in the heart of the Karakoram.


“My climbing and trekking experiences span five decades and encompass all seven continents. I have used Shipton Tours three times and they are, far and away, the best outfitter I have ever dealt with. Their attention to detail and their staff are both outstanding. I just returned from a five week trek/climbing trip to the Biafo Glacier. Everything about the service provided by Shipton Tours was excellent.

JIM Mountaineer

“As a professional climber, based in Umhausen / Ötztal/Austria I want to recommend Shipton Tours, Treks and Expeditions as a partner to explore Pakistan, especially the Karakorum Mountains. I´m working together with the team since 2006. Furthermore I´m happy, that I led the first official expedition of Shipton Tours, Treks and Expedition ever, to Shipton Spire / Trango Valley in summer 2006.


“Thank you very much for supporting our Expedition to the great Trango. Every expedition need a strong Partner (Agency)!Thanks to Zahir, our very good cook. Thanks to Habib. Thanks to Muhammad Ali our great Guide. Thanks to Iqbal to organization all things. Thanks to Rasool for their support in Skardu. We are very happy to have chosen Shipton Trekking as Agency for our Expedition!”

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“Shipton Treks was the ideal guide service for our needs. They have an incredibly knowledgeable staff, speaking both English and German, with key people located in all of the right areas in Pakistan. They have the basics down: travel logistics, lodging, transfers, food, security, etc. They were total professionals and adaptable when it came to servicing.

COREY RICH Mountaineer