Himalaya-Karakorum Winter Expedition


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The best time to visit the Karakorum are the summer months. However, it is possible to go climbing and trekking in winter if one is prepared to endure the rather severe cold and of course deep snow at higher altitude. Three of the 8000m peaks have seen winter accents (G I, G II and Broad Peak), and every year there are a few hardy trekkers who want to experience the solitude of the mountains in winter. For example, it is possible to go on a skiing-expedition up the Biafo Glacier to Snow Lake and cross over Hispar La. The best time for this would be March or early April. Shipton Treks &Tours can provide experienced guides and porters as well as equipment to make this unique adventure possible for interested parties.

Note: Winter climbing fee is only 5% for all peaks in Pakistan and Itinerary (can be shortened or extended depending on time, weather and physical condition

Peaks Name Elevation Longitude Altitude Duration Winter Season Royalty
Broad Peak 8047-m (26,414 ft) 76° - 33 E 35° - 48 N 50 days 95% Discounted Fee
Gasherbrum- I 8068M (26,509 ft) 76° - 42 E 35° - 43 N 50 days 95% Discounted Fee
Nanga Parbat 8,126 m (26,660 ft) 74° - 36 E 35°-14 N 40 days 95% Discounted Fee
Gasherbrum- II 8035M (26,362 ft) 76° - 39 E 35° - 45 N 50 days 95% Discounted Fee

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